H O M E           M U S I C           P R O J E C T S           A B O U T


Miranda Su is a composer and vocalist born in Los Angeles and raised in Taiwan.

Art has always been a necessity in her life. From an early age, she started her classical music training and also delved into various art forms, including dance, painting, and writing. However, it was not until she entered college that she pursued visual media at National Taiwan University of Arts, where she received a Bachelor's degree in Radio and Television.

During her undergraduate studies, she gained experience with film, television, electronic field production (EFP), and radio podcasts. As she worked on various projects, she began scoring films and composing for different media. She has continued to pursue her passion for scoring media at Columbia College Chicago, where she earned an MFA in Music Composition for the Screen.

After graduation, Miranda moved to Los Angeles. She has scored a multitude of projects, including films, theater productions, choreography projects, documentaries, and promotional videos.

In 2020, she won first place in the Pioneer Music Competition (Scoring Team). She was honored to have been accepted to both The Society of Composers & Lyricists Mentor Program and the Alliance for Women Film Composers Mentorship Program (Mentored by John Powell). (2021)

Apart from composing, she also has experience as a director, production designer, editor, photographer, graphic designer, and sound recordist. During her leisure time, flower arranging, watching movies, reading, traveling, and cooking for her family and friends are all her favorites.

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